søndag 21. august 2011

Show results.

Tired after a long day in Oslo at NKK's International Show, it started with excellent weather both for dogs and people, but of course it started to rain just before the Finals started.. Bentley won BOB, and Crufts qualification. He was selected to the semi in Group 1 together with 5 other breeds, very pleased with his results.

Two new Shows coming up first weekend in September.

fredag 19. august 2011

Bentley ready for Show/Puppies

Dear all,
Bentley has visited his "co-owner, groomer, handler" and survived grooming part 1 before the International Show in Oslo due this Sunday. It's been raining since, and from earlier years experience the show ground will be quite muddy the time we will enter the ring.. only 3 Bouviers entered, it's a shame there's so few, but the breed has few registered the last years.
Kanix Lady Fia has decided to let us wait, she has not yet came into season, but hopefully she will be mated to Bentley quite soon.